Four major services

Maker equipment

Provide equipment for use

AI robot contest registration

Provide various robot contests and training services

IP resource sharing service

Provide online IP resource sharing service

AI robot course promotion

Provide various robotics courses services
More service items
Provide intelligent technology solutions

Assist in cross-sector collaborations

Facilitate regional industry upgrade

Provide IP Mall Service

Cultivate future AI robot professionals

Link international experts and collaborative promotion

Provide startups with co-creation space and resource linkage

Assist startups in Matching-Service Platform and international linkage

Provide makers with self-made space and experiment area

Provide elementary, junior & senior, high school and college students with AI and robot courses

Host international and featured AI robot competitions

Organize activities such as AI robot forums and seminars

Manage the application of subsidy for the satellite bases

Team members
Patrick Yu

General Director

Overall Planning & Management


Alex Lee

Deputy General Director

Field Planning and Management,
RSC Research Planning


Ching-Yu Chiang

Base group Leader

Facilities & Member Management



Activity Group Leader

Environment Design, Activity Planning & Facility Planning


Joanna Hsu


Plan management and promotion


Ken Jiang

Base group

Access control and management systems,
maker equipment management


Kai-Chi Huang

Research group

Program promotion and management



Base group

Environmental design,
construction plan promotion


Angela Hsueh

Base group

Access Control and Management System,
Construction Planning Promotion


Jerry Liu

Base group

Base management,
management and promotion


Jun Lin

Activity group

Base course planning and implementation